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Coastal Series

The Sealoc Coastal Series of Weatherproof Outdoor TVs are made to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. Perfect for sunny areas that are unprotected. Crafted using our exclusive nano-coating technology to protect the internal circuitry. We then take the extra steps to protect the outside of the TV.  Fully weatherproofed from the inside out. Made to withstand full exposure to the most extreme temperatures and conditions, including salt-air, humidity, snow and rain.


Custom Weatherproofing

Sealoc’s variety of conformal nano-coating treatments create a virtually-invisible, durable, microscopic layer that protects virtually every surface type against corrosive products and environments such as water, moisture, humidity, dust, salt-fog, salt-air, acidic products, petrochemical products and more.

Customer Testimonials

"And to bring the enjoyment level up by an extra notch, we installed a 55” Samsung 4k Ultra High Def outdoor-rated television. The TVs we offer come with a nano seal technology provided by Sealoc. The nano seal technology protects from: extreme temperatures, high humidity, and salt air (especially important since we are within 50 miles of the coast). It is designed for areas under an awning or covered lanai."

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